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About Varied / Professional Vincent ValentineMale/Australia Groups :iconteam-venture: Team-Venture
The Venture Bros. Club
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Irreconcilable Differences pt13 :iconv-for-vincent:v-for-vincent 6 2
Topsy Turvy Contest - Prime's Bad Day
Topsy Turvy Contest - Optimus Prime's Bad Bay
'Enough!' Optimus Prime slammed his hands on Teletraan-One's console, causing the computer to short circuit and black out.
Bumblebee was forced to take a step back. He'd never seen Prime like this before and he swore he could see steam escaping from his leader's concealing faceplate. He wasn't alone in his shock as Jazz, Wheeljack and Ratchet looked to each other, unsure of how to handle the situation.
'I don't ask for much. All I'm asking for is one day, ONE, when we don't have to deal with fuel shortages or parts shortages or test after test of Wheeljack's self-destruction weapons, or -'
'In Wheeljack's defence, Prime,' Ratchet began. 'He's-'
'Don't you start!' Prime addressed the medic. 'He blows up something, you sweep it under the base somewhere until it either burns or explodes.'
'That's very unfair, Prime.'
'Oh yeah? The fabulous Dinobot project. That worked a treat, didn't it?'
'It has its rough edges.' Ratchet apologised.
:iconv-for-vincent:v-for-vincent 5 3


v-for-vincent's Profile Picture
Vincent Valentine
Artist | Professional | Varied
Frag yeah!

:star: Current Residences:

Second Life: Claremorris (144,16) General 1024m

Real Life: Temple of Type, Somewhere in Oz




:star: Favourite style of art: Surrealism!

:star: Favourite cartoon character: Me

:star: Quotes:

"What the hell universe? What the HELL?!"

"There were chickens everywhere, man."

(sirens going) "What's that sound? That's a bad sound! Oh God I've doomed us all!!!!"
Deepest apologies to all poor souls awaiting fic or art updates from me.
I have been stuck for... going on a week now, with a redecoration of my minute lodgings.
Finding furniture, moving old furniture, piecing together new furniture.
And dust, dust, dust. You'd think I was in the deepest desert. So much dust.

I had no idea how much junk I'd been squirreling away for no apparent reason other than it was mine and... yeah, that's about it.
I'm in the process of whittling down X number of boxes by at least 1/3. It's SLOW work.

Good tips:
:star: Whenever a large package says it needs two or more people to lift, it's probably right, NOT a vague suggestion for "wimpy kids" and "ol' folk". 

:star: Same for recommendations where two people are needed to put items together. It avoids a lot of swearing and reprehensibly bad language.

:star: Dust. It's everywhere. Microfibre cloth can only pick up so much before it succumbs to dust. Spent more time vacuuming and dusting than putting stuff together. Would have been smart to purchase more cloths but I kind of forgot about the dust.

:star: When it's too heavy, take an axe to it. In my case I took the hex key to things and it made things a little lighter.

:star: Little things pile up. A "quick furniture swap" turned into a two hour dismantling, vacuuming, replacement and more vacuuming. And it wasn't even my room @_@  It pays to keep track of the little things.

:star: Stay hydrated and cool. Lucky me, this has been a fiercely hot week so I've been stuck indoors with just a lonely fan for company. Fan on, little fan. Fan on!

:star: Keep cats out. Cats make things so much more fun, jumping among piles of books, toppling over large piles of books, staking a claim on semi built things.

Right, have to get back to sorting things out. Will update this ASAP.

Stay awesome! :w00t:
  • Listening to: Let Me In - The Sensations
  • Reading: Necropolis: London and Its Dead
  • Watching: The Purge: Anarchy
  • Playing: Fallout:NV
  • Eating: nothing until breakfast
  • Drinking: soda water and ice (refreshing!)




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reggchels Featured By Owner May 31, 2016
Belated Happy Birthday :) (Smile) 
v-for-vincent Featured By Owner May 31, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thank you!!! :hug:

Stay awesome! :w00t:

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um, hello. I was wondering if u were interested in joining my group omi-artists. it a general art group meaning it accepts EVERYTHING.

v-for-vincent Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015  Professional General Artist
Hi! :wave:

Sure! Let me just amble over there.
Sorry for the late reply, RL has been so busy and frustrating of late, I haven't been on DA at all for a long time.

Stay awesome! :w00t:

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